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My name is Kenny Fabre I was born in the beautiful Caribbean island of Port-au-Prince, Haiti on December 14, 1992. I lived in my birthplace of Haiti till I was eight years old until my father got all our papers and things set up, and brought me, my mother, and my two sisters  to this country in 2002, (Miami, Florida). Anyways I arrived to this country I loved it from the start but I never forgot my roots, my culture, my history where I came from till this very day, just like all foreigners and immigrants I couldn’t stand the food at first but it didn’t take long for me to adapt, because we all have to adapt to this unpredictable life no matter what.   

How I got into Internet Marketing  

My friend, I was an internet marketing newbie. when I was 15 years old I got my first desktop computer and I just started searching for ways to make money on the internet just like any other internet marketer out there. My father bought me my first ecommerce website(the name of it was www.power-esale.com); it was a website where I was selling all types of amazon products (digital, and physical products, any product you could think of). I did everything I could do  to drive traffic(traffic exchanges being my highest source of traffic), still I did not get a single sale. And yes I still saved my power-esale.com kit  look at the pictures below. My power-esale pics. These are some pictures of my power-esale kit, and a small picture I found on google of the actual site. my actual power-esale.com websitemy power-esale.com kit my power-esale.com kit my power-esale.com kit               I had google adsense on the website. I told all of my friends to click  the google adsense ads; finally I made $40 it was a real relief for me, and I felt really good, but 2 weeks later I got my google adsense account terminated LOL hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahah I'm dying of laughter right now. I look back at this situation, and I just die of laughter, as you can see I still have google adsense on my site, but this time its under my name. I'm of age, to have it under my own name now. I neglected my ecommerce power-esale.com website for six months. Finally I finally go check up on my ecommerce site, and BOOM I see a page that says this domain name is up for sale. I didn't know what hit me LOL hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha; this is another moment I look back at and it just kills me with laughter. If you go to google and type www.power-esale.com or type it in your address bar; this is the picture you will see. This is how I found out my power-esale.com website was put up for sale. my power-esale.com ecommerce website up for sale Ok, now I'm just like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to find any way I can, to make money on the internet. I tried paid to click sites; I had no patience for those ptc sites and it was paying me pennies, so I stopped doing ptc's. Next I set- up a free blogger blog, I added google adsense to it, but this time I got the account under my big sister's name, again I got my google adsense account terminated; it just happened out of the bloom. I think it got deleted, because a random person wanted to be evil they saw the blog and just clicked a bunch of times, and that caused google to delete my account. One night, I stayed up late, I see this guy's infomercial, "Anthony Morrison's Advertising Profits From Home( you know those late night infomercials). Right then, and there I told myself, I had to purchase this program I honestly taught this program was going to make me a multi-millionaire overnight. At that time I wasn't working, so I saved up every little bit of money I had, to purchase his program for $19.99; I was under age, guess what I got it under my big sister's name, and I had to beg her to let me buy this program using her debit card. The package came with a pre-made affillate website, and his book called "advertising profits from home" and I paid an extra $9.99 for shipping and handling for his other book called "The hidden millionaire" I still have the website till this very day, and I kept all the books, cd's and guess what the actually box, the package was mailed to me in. You will see the pictures below. this a preview picture of the website, and the link you can go  to see it, go to and you will see it, and my sister's name is Marie Fabre, I named the website after her, because she let me use her info to put it up. Also see the picture of the whole "anthony morrison's advertising profits from home" I purchased.  my "advertising profits from home" pre-made websitemy "advertising profits from home" package box
my "advertising profits from home" package box
my "advertising profits from home" training cd's
my "advertising profits from home" training cd'smy 'advertising profits from home" booksmy 'advertising profits from home" books
The end result, for my "anthony morrison advertising profits from home program" is, its still active, I still have my website active, but as you can see I'm focused on building this kfm24 blog, and my email list.  

My mlm- multi level marketing, network marketing failures.  

After all of those programs, I got into mlm-network marketing. the first company I tried is  
MPB-My Premier Business Today. I was so excited to get into MPB Today; you know being the newbie I was. My sponsors got an easy sign up from me, so this is how I got into mpb today; one day I'm coming from picking my little sister sophie fabre, up from school, and all the sudden I see a sign in front of a person's front yard, that says "new company looking to hire employees" I jump on it quick. I wrote the number down called it; you know what comes next, my sponsor starts selling me. I still remember it like it was yesterday, that same week on a friday, I signed up with MPB Today. I worked so hard, to get sign ups, I created a list of at least 50 people that I thought would be interested, I called them, told them about MPB Today not a single person was interested. I created 3 youtube videos, I even bought a 1,000 custom made business cards, and I had money set up to buy yard signs, but I never got to doing that because, I left MPB Today after 3 weeks. Look at the pictures below of my 1,000 MPB Today busines cards. I also still have my account active with mpb today. Look at a preview of my mpb today affiliate page, and you can also click on the link to go see my actual mpb today affiliate page. Look At The Pictures Below.  
my actual MPBToday Distributer Websitemy 1,000 custom made business cards for MPB Today my 1,000 custom made business cards for MPB Today
my 1,000 custom made business cards for MPB Today
my 1,000 custom made business cards for MPB Today
                  my 1,000 custom made business cards for MPB Today                    

Team Fam After trying mpb today, I signed up with TeamFam. I left team fam, 2 days after I joined it. I was hearing the same old thing, from my sponsor; this is their trademark saying, "write down a list of a 100 people that you think will be interested in your business opportunity" I was so tired of hearing that stuff, it made me frustrated so I left that same week.  

This is the last mlm- Network Marketing I joined, Residual Cash Blaster. I joined it, yes I made some money ($20 profit), yes I had a downline, but then everything went downlhill, my downline stopped working, a person would sign under me and not upgrade. Yes you know the end result I stop doing residual cash blaster; I still have my account, but I left residual cash blaster completely. I went ahead and got myself 500 business cards from vista print, yes I'm that hungry to succeed. Look At the pictures Below. I even went ahead, got me a custom made vista print business card holder. my 500 business cards for "residual cash blaster"my 500 business cards for "residual cash blaster" my 500 business cards for "residual cash blaster"my 500 business cards for "residual cash blaster" my 500 business cards for "residual cash blaster"my 500 business cards for "residual cash blaster"my custom made vista print business card holdermy custom made vista print business card holder                                                                                                       my custom made vista print business card holder                                       After all of this, I stumbled upon, a man called John Chow(he is one of the best internet marketers on the internet, he makes $500,000 a year from his johnchow.com blog); I saw his blog, and that inspired me to start my very own kfm24 internet marketing teaching blog. Now I'm on a journey become one of the best internet marketers, and have one of the best and most valued internet marketing blogs online.

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